What’s The Life Line To Your Bottom Line In Today’s Economy?

What’s The Life Line

Sales is the Life Line to Your Bottom Line in Todays New Economy of Buyers?

You must appreciate that sales revenue is the life line to your bottom line.  Without buyers, there are no sales. Without sales, there are no revenues. The world revolves around sales, but more importantly, it now needs to revolve around buyers.  Buyers are everywhere.  What are you doing to help them buy?

The economy brought on a shift from selling during the boom times to attracting, engaging and empowering the new economy of buyers to buy.

Traditional and consultative sales methods no longer work.  The sales cycle is longer than need be and the margins are dropping.

Buyers have been educated by sales people regarding all imaginable sales techniques.  Unfortunately, salespeople don’t even realize they have lost control.

Sales people also need to change the way they are selling.  The traditional dog-and-pony show, or feature and benefit dump will no longer work.

Clients, in Today’s Economy, are looking for salespeople who bring them value.  They want sales people who take the time to truly understand a client’s business and needs.

Clients appreciate salespeople who ask pertinent questions and listen intently, at the same time as demonstrating genuine concern for the client instead of themselves.  Clients respect salespeople who are in it for the long term relationship and not simply for the money.

To succeed in the new economy of buyers, you need to do the opposite of selling. You need to attract, engage and empower buyers to buy.

Keep doing what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten.

Most strategic planning emphasizes a target to increase sales and to up the bottom line.  Sales and Sales Management skill sets must keep pace with the new economy of buyers in this high-tech, global society.

This is probably one reason why Sales Training is so prevalent on the Internet, at public seminars including in-house customized programs.

Another reason is sales training offers Management and individual sales professionals a high return on investment. For example, where else could you invest $1 with a realistic expectation of a $10 or more return in revenue?

If you, as a Corporate Executive, entrepreneur or professional salesperson are considering sales training, ensure it is a “buyer focused” sales training system supporting today‘s new economy of buyers.

Once you understand how buyers buy and how they control the sales process, you will want to change how you conduct your sales.  Buyers follow a system, and salespeople must do the same.  You must integrate a selling system that attracts, engages, and empowers the buyer to buy, not one that sells to the buyer.

A buyer focused selling system will maximize time and provide measurable results.   You will enable buyer attraction, engagement, and qualification.  Once the prospect is qualified, you will have the control to empower the buyer to buy, increase the velocity of your selling cycle, increase your margins and revenues, and ultimately, up your bottom line.

It is crucial to your overall success to begin with a strong foundation that will adequately support the productive behaviours within the Selling System.

A brand new positive and proactive attitude will certainly attract more buyers.

Changing your ineffective behaviours or habits into defined daily disciplines and efficient habits will provide you with more focused targeting. The result will be a better return on time invested (R.O.T.I.).

A buyer focused selling system requires organizations to be committed to doing what is “right” and demonstrating the appropriate behaviours on an ongoing basis.  This includes tracking and analyzing behaviours to increase call-to-close ratios, or if necessary, turning away business. It also means being ethical and acting with integrity even when it’s easy or tempting not to.

Buyer Focused Sales training and Sales Management Training training in today’s new economy will contribute more to your bottom line than any other activity.

All sales professionals, entrepreneurs or Corporate Executives must remember that sales revenue is the life line to up your bottom line.   Without buyers, there are no sales. Without sales, there are no revenues. The world revolves around sales, but more importantly, it now needs to revolve around buyers.  Buyers are everywhere.  What are you doing to help them buy?

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Bob Urichuck is a certified social entrepreneur, a catalyst for constant improvement and a cultivator of human potential. Visit www.BobU.com to download your complimentary White Paper “The New Economy of Buyers, Why Traditional and Consultative Selling Methods No Longer Work” Sales Velocity. Your Bottom Line. Our Passion.


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