5 Winter Promotional Products

5 Winter Promotional Products

When you think of winter promotional products, you think of cold and wet weather, dark nights by the fire and of course, Christmas season – a time for giving and receiving. It is also a perfect promotional opportunity for businesses as the ideas for promotional products are endless. Promotional products have long been used as a method of branding and advertising. Embrace the “giving” theme of Christmas and reward your customers with some custom promotional gifts. Some of the top Winter Promotional Product Gifts include:

  1. Umbrellas

Vector umbrella icon - Startup Growth ExpertWinter brings about stormy, wet weather conditions.  A umbrella would come into great use for your customers during winter. As they use your umbrella, they promote your brand to those around them. Every time the rains pours down, the customer greatly values and appreciates your free gift. This appreciation allows them to build an emotional connection with your brand. They can be a very affordable means of promoting your brand as it provides a “double promotion” opportunity.

  1. A Snowglobe

During the festive season, decorations line our desks and homes. If you would like your business to be a ‘cheery’ feature, a snowglobe is an excellent idea for a promotional gift. It will constantly be in front of the eyes of your consumer as it takes pride of place in their home or workplace during the winter.

  1. Jackets

Jackets are a staple clothing item for winter.  During the winter months you will not be able to leave the house without a jacket.  Why not capitalise on this fact by offering your valued customers with jackets with your brand printed on them. If people are going to wear jackets in winter, why not make them jackets with your branding and company name on it. Similar to the umbrella, you are not only offering your customers a reward for their custom but a gift of real value and use that could evoke emotional attachment.

  1. Travel Mug

During winter, the demand for hot drinks soar. The cold weather drives us towards hot and comforting teas, coffees and capaccinos etc. Busy, on the go parents and professionals appreciate the use of travel mugs to easily transport their hot drinks during Winter. Therefore, a travel mug is an ideal winter promotional gift. It will be an item put to everyday use, therefore an everyday opportunity to get your brand in front of your consumers.

  1. Gloves

When winter arrives, our hands tend to feel the cold the worst. Hence, we all hastily reach for a warming pair of gloves and you can use this fact as an opportunity to offer them as a useful gift. Given the widespread use of smartphones and tablets, you could offer a set of ‘smart gloves,’ these will allow your customers to warm their hands while also enabling gliding movements with their smartphones and tablets. Winter brings about a number of additional needs. You can play on these needs and put your brand in the eyes of your target consumer with some winter promotional gifts. These are just 5 examples – they are endless opportunities for you to reward your customers, exercise some branding and spread some festive cheer!

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